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2013 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Georgia Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is planned for June 4-5, 2013 in the Smith Building of the Clayton County Water Authority, 142 Panhandle Road, Hampton GA.

Some of the planned topics of discussion on Tuesday June 4 are:

  • Lake Water Quality in Georgia and its Implications, Todd Rassmussen
  • Consumptive Water Use, Mark Risse
  • Hydrologic Impacts of Urbanization in North Georgia, David Leigh
  • Bioenergy Options and Feasibility in South Georgia, Chris Warren
  • Nitrogen in Atlanta Watersheds, Rodrigo Villarroel Walker
  • Effect of Septic Systems on Water Quantity and Quality in Gwinnett County, David Radcliffe
  • Water and Waste Recycling to Forest Land - Lessons, Wade Nutter & Larry Morris

A field tour of water management and recycling in the headwaters community of the Clayton County Water Authority is planned for Wednesday June 5. More details and registration form for the meeting can be found at: 2013 Registration Form. View the map and driving direction to the annual meeting location.

Announcements from the Georgia Climate Change Coalition

Take the Carbon Pledge! -- Are you ready to reduce your carbon emissions to the atmosphere? If so, visit the pledge page of the Georgia Climate Change Coalition and see how much of a difference you can make in carbon emissions by considering various water and electricity usages and gas and food consumption strategies that can also save you money: GC3 Pledge Page --

Announcement from Upper Oconee Watershed Network

River Rendezvous 2013 -- Take the opportunity to network and work alongside colleagues to clean up the Oconee River near Athens. For more information, visit:

50th Anniversary of the Natural Resources Conservation Workshop

The 50th Natural Resources Conservation Workshop was a big success in Tifton GA this year. The Georgia Chapter of the SWCS was a proud, co-founding sponsor of the event and this sponsorship continues today. Read about the event at:

To join the Georgia SWCS listserv, go to:


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